Thursday, April 29, 2010


Got none to write.. lol

I'm missing a special person... Hate feeling this way!
Need to get rid of it lol!

Holiday is coming closer! Can't wait!
Nerves are starting to kick in...
OMG what am I doing?
Going to be away for 4 weeks!!! Wish me luck lol!


Sunday, April 25, 2010

Can't sleep!

It's one of those nights again...

I can't sleep! Thoughts are racing through my head, running circles, leaving marks behind... Wish I could chase them away somehow!

Spoke to George today (my ex boss) after James sent me a message. Realised that I've not been in touch with the people back in Barnsley for a while... Still love ya, James! Even though you're Tabitha's now... I just wanted to thank you again for being my friend during my last months in Barnsley! I miss the guys! Al, Thompson, Brett, Matt, Ben, Jamie and Georgie off course! Always there for me, even when I decided to leave!

Promise to come up soon! Wish you'd all move down to London! Lol

Friends... Can't live without them and I'm lucky to have them my best friend is coming over in less than 2 weeks! Mo!!! Hurry! Dim sum, Korean, Nando's and Vegas are waiting for us!!!

Julz is my best buddy at work and outside... BBM all the way! Love ya! It's freaky how similar we are lol... From day one!

And a special mention to PokerMon and Sandra for keeping me sane... Thanks for the laughs, drinks and talks girls!!!

2 weeks to go before I turn 28! :( going towards 30. For now I'm just happy to still be alive and relatively healthy... Can't wish for more...

May 7... The Loop Bar near Bond Street, London
If you're in the neighbourhood... Come by and celebrate with me!!!


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Friday, April 16, 2010


Just came out of the theatre and loved it!!! Reminder to myself:

Go to a musical every month!!!

I live so close to the West End! Some people even consider it the West End lol...

Thanks Sandra! Really enjoyed it.

Not going to do Dutch therapy tonight... I'm knackered! Sad I'll be missing Michel de Hey and MC Lady Bee... Michel is still one of my favourite DJ's ever. Rotterdam 4-ever!!!

Tomorrow Queens Day @ Trafalgar Square... Even Postman is performing... Not seen him for ages!!! Looking forward to all the Dutchness tomorrow...

Oh and before I forget!!!
A BIG thank you to Mr Rennison for sorting out my laptop!!!
Tip for everyone... Need something fixed? Have a look at the following site:
He'll fix it for you!!!
Thanks again Colin!!!

Enough typing for today... See you soon!

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Wednesday, April 14, 2010


It's one of those nights... You can't sleep and you start thinking...

Which in my case is not a good idea!

Reading a book: Third Culture Kids... Can't believe how true it is, I recognise so much in it!!! So weird! Thanks to MaFe to mentioning the book, when she freaked me out by telling me what kind of person I am! And this was the first time I met her!

Back to thinking... I have done a lot of that lately. Where would I be if I didn't make some of the tough choices that I made in the past year?

Would I be in Barnsley, Holland, Gibraltar or was I just meant to be in London? Would I be happier? Sadder! Lonely or surrounded with people?

I don't know but I do know that I kind of like where I am now and the person I am. Ok, I'm not fully there yet but I'm on my way to recovery, lol!

I realise that the pool world was an escape from normal life, and normal life is not even that bad actually! The pool world has it's idiots but it also has some great people! I'm grateful for the things I've experienced in the past 7 years, but maybe it's time to say goodbye...

Pool is my passion or maybe even an obsession! I will always love the sport but I need to prioritise...
Family, life, love and myself have to go first! And that's what I have been doing wrong all those years!

The new and improved me is here! And I'm ready to enjoy life! But first... Bedtime!

See you all soon!



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Saturday, April 10, 2010

World Champion 8 Ball

World Champion 8 ball!!!

Well done Boyzi!!!

13-12 against Niels Feijen, it was a great comeback of Niels but not enough.. Unlucky!

The game in the UK has gotten better over the past years and I'm proud to have been a part of it's development.


World 8 ball Championships

Good luck to Karl "Boyzi" Boyes and Niels "The Terminator" Feijen today as they will be playing the final today!!!

Got no idea who I want to win... UK vs NL. Though choice...
They're both worthy winners in my eyes..

But to be honest?


I'll just play on the Wii lol

Wii Billards Cue Sticks Set

Thursday, April 8, 2010


Hi everyone...

On my way to the Dutch Embassy now as I have to pick up my new passport... Unfortunately I'll have to say goodbye to my passport with an easy to remember end date: 10/10/2010!!!

Only reason I'm getting a new one is because my passport has to be valid for another 6 month after returning from the USA... Annoying and actually a waste of money... But hey, at least I'll be going on a holiday soon!

In a month and 2 days I'll be flying to Vegas!!! Soooooooo looking forward to it!

Actually in exactly a month I'll be 28! Going towards 30! Maybe it's time to settle down? Haha no not for a while! At the moment I'm just trying to enjoy life. Have fun without strings lol!

There are some options at the moment which I'm considering taking advantage of... But you know me, me and relationships don't work so I don't mind being single! A lot less drama!

At the moment I have a choice: Mr. N., Mr I. and Mr W. Not gonna make a choice lol as I just want to have fun... Vegas and Costa Rica coming up, I will be gone out of London for 4 weeks... So might have some more options over there ;-)

Life is getting better and I'm on my way to recover!

Just want to thank N for being there.. ;-)

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Yes, I don't have much access to the internet as my laptop either keeps turning itself off, blue screening me or just won't find the network to connect to!

I can't really write updates whilst I'm at work so updates will come when possible...

Life is ok at the moment... Counting down to my holiday!!

Also planned the b-day party... Celebrating with Gosia and Stu, so it's will be good!
70-80's VIP area with the disco dance floor...
Ready to party to prepare myself and Monica for Vegas!

Back to pool...

WPM in May in Vegas was going to be the last "big" tournament I was going to, but....
Mosconi Cup in London in December!!!!
Holidays have been booked and approved so I'll be there to cheer Team Europe on!

World 8 ball championships are on now, not sure what the results are as my internet and the laptop are abit crappy lately...

Before I forget!
Jasmin!!!!! Great result!!! All 4 Gold Medals at the EPC! You deserve it!

GB9 Leagues...
It's slowly getting more and more popular... Who knows.. It might really take off soon. In the club where I play (Shepherds Bush) we have 18 players.. Good little group, with a few people I didn't know yet. Think we've got the biggest group of the whole UK. I hope the players are enjoying it and can't wait for things to settle down and things to go smoothly!

I just want to thank the players for playing:
Mark, Josh, Michalis, Philip, Noel, Ben, Oliver, Nick, Shane, Bernard, Yaser, Faisal, Nik, Paul, Julia, Javier and Greg....
See you all on Tuesday!

OK enough.... It's bed time!

See you all soon and love to all of you!


Thursday, March 25, 2010


I know...

It's been a while.

Things have been a bit crazy lately and just couldn't bring myself to writing about pool... I have been focusing on my own life and can safely say:
Shir is back.. The Shir that only a few people know from the poolworld here in the UK... The Shir that I used to be before I moved to England..

Life in general is good.. There's still some health issues off course... Mum is going well, I'm going well, had some tests a few weeks ago and nothing special came up... No news is good news in my case!

Work is going well, busy period is over, time to do some other things on the side...

According to Monica, it's 46 days before we go on holiday! So looking forward to it! Flying to Vegas on the 10th of May, gonna go watch the WPM, shop, drink, dance and just have fun with my best friend! On the 18th we have to say good bye to each other. She's flying back to London all alone (not counting the other strangers on the plane) and then to Eindhoven...

I'll be taking off to San Jose, Costa Rica!!! Going to work 2 weeks in the office there, but also have a bit of a holiday... Vielka has been so kind to offer me a place to stay, she, Beto and Mela have already promised me a great time over there... It's written on the net now, so they have to keep the promise! Still not sure if I dare to do the waterfall rapelling, wild water rafting and canopy stuff. Don't wanna die just yet.. And already feel sick going down the escalators in the tube stations!

Anyways... Need to get some sleep as I'm on the early shift tomorrow, it's Friday and party time! Have a birthday party and got the weekend off.. LIFE IS GOOD!!!

PS. Think I need to find a new title for the blog as I seem to do more in the pokerworld than the poolworld....


Still love ya!